In conjunction with the Housing Bureau for Seniors, Synod provides a single-room occupancy shared house exclusively for formerly homeless seniors.

The faces of folks rendered homeless that are favored by the media do not usually include images of seniors or the elderly. The increasing numbers of homeless elders have become an invisible population.

In addition to illnesses that often accompany the aging process, elderly people who are homeless are more likely to experience multiple medical problems and chronic illnesses. For example, exposure, hypothermia and frostbite, and the environment of homelessness frequently compromise and undermine the immune system and overall health of the homeless.

To address the needs of homeless seniors, Synod established Deake House in 2007. Located in Pittsfield Township, midway between Ann Arbor and Ypsilanti in Michigan, Deake House offers supportive housing to seniors in need of immediate, safe shelter. There are no time limits on the length of tenancy and no service participation requirements beyond what is commonly associated with shared house tenancy. Deake House tenants have access to Synod agency resources and activities including 24-hour on-call staff and health and safety supportive services.